Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rep Squad Selected!

Well done to everyone who tried out for the Rep Squad/EUG. The standard was very high and selection was extremely difficult - there are many new players who demonstrate a lot of potential. A big thankyou to Nathan, Sarah and Ellie for taking their own time to assist with selections.

The Rep squad will attend additional training on Wednesday and Sunday, as well as compete in local tournaments and leagues.

Please keep in mind that this was only the initial selection for the squad - Nathan and I will be at Thursday training every week watching for people who are putting in 100% and are keen to develop, to be added to the rep squad. This will continue to happen all the way until the Australian Uni Games.

Rep Squad:

Chris Andrews
Konrad Chan
Taro Kawamura
Alex Ladomatos
Dave Manescu
Hunter McDougall Monk
Lucas Nicholls
Tad Nolan
Marcus Robinson
Janek Savage
Mitchell Skipsey
Nathan Stacey
Ben Sutas
Andrew Wood
Yi Xuan Tan (YX)

Amanda Ang
Kate Chamberlain
Elisha Chan
Georgia Ewan
Olivia Hedge
Ema Karavdic
Hayley Lambert
Christine McBride
Fiona McDonald
Maxine Rees
Tamara Schai
Jesse Stokes
Emma White

Please note the EUG team will be decided from this group in about one week. Any questions regarding selections please do not hesitate to contact one of the other selectors or myself.

Brett (on behalf of the selectors)

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